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Do’s & Don’t’s

Granite provides an unrivalled position in the kitchen both for functionality and aesthetically. It provides a resilience that its rivals cannot.

Although Natural Stone is among the most durable of materials you could choose. It is porous to some extent and therefore on the basis that prevention is better than cure it would be prudent to follow some basic housekeeping rules in order to keep it tip top condition. The following guidelines will ensure your tops will look amazing forever.

  • Do wipe up spillages as soon as possible with a clean cloth especially liquids with a high acidic content such as fruit juices or oils.
  • Dry up water splashes as water deposits if left can lead to an unsightly build-up of limescale.
  • Use warm slightly soapy water and damp cloth to clean your surfaces, avoid copious amounts of water. A dry cloth to buff up will leave it perfect. Do not use any abrasive, acidic or caustic cleaner - a tiny amount of multi surface or washing up liquid will suffice.
  • Protect your surfaces by using chopping boards and pan stands – do not put hot pans directly on the surface.

Surfaces can be pre-treated with sealer on request.

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