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   Can you send me samples?

We can of course send samples, we would first ask that you narrow down your search to one or two and you can see how the sample works with the rest of your decor and lighting.

Kitchen Service Questions

   What does your kitchen service include?

We can arrange for supply only of your kitchen material, or we can include for templating and fitting also. If we are templating, we need to have all the base units fixed in place with all the fixtures and fittings available. We also ask is that someone is there so that any details can be clarified at the time.

   Will the joints be seen?

Yes, but we always try to minimise the amount of jointing, and we use coloured resins to ensure the best colour match possible.

   Can we add to our tops at a later date?

We will be happy to supply further material to complement your tops, and we will endeavour to achieve the best match to the original order as possible. It is important to note, however that as a natural product granite will always be subject to naturally occurring variation.

   What is the cleaning and care procedure?

General cleaning of granite worktops is simple and instructions will be provided.

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