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The Benefits of Hiring a Child Custody Attorney

During a divorce procedure, child custody is one of the most important issues. To assist you reach your objectives, it is imperative that you locate the top Child Custody attorney in Pensacola, Florida, whether you are wanting to create a new custody arrangement or have an ongoing custody issue that needs to be resolved.

Over the years, there have been significant changes to Florida’s legal system. In place of the phrase “custody,” “time sharing” and “parental responsibility” are now often used. Unless there is a good explanation why it would not be in the child’s best interests, Florida courts prefer that both parents continue to be involved in their children’s life.

The term “parental responsibilities” refers to a parent’s authority to decide what matters to their children, including religion, health care, and education. It also covers the choice of a child’s principal place of residence. The court will take into account each parent’s capacity to raise their children and provide them a secure home. In most circumstances, courts will provide parental responsibility to both parents.

Florida Pensacola Attorney for Child Custody
In order to get a custody order, parents who are unable to come to an amicable custody arrangement must go to court. In certain situations, the court will designate a Guardian ad Litem (GAL) to look into the matter, watch over the parents and their kids, and speak with friends, neighbors, and teachers. After that, the GAL will provide the court with an objective recommendation about what is best for the kid. Based on such facts, the court will next determine the timetable for custody and visits.

Following the decision-making process, a formal court order will be granted. This will be included in the final divorce decree in the event of a divorce. If Dependency Court is handling the matter, a separate legal procedure is used. In these situations, the judge may decide to take a more active role in the child custody dispute by taking the kids out of the family and placing them in foster care for a set amount of time while the parents finish their case plans, which consist of a set of requirements and classes that must be completed before the parents are allowed to have extended visits with the kids.

Physical and legal custody are the two categories of custody that apply to every family law matter involving a kid. Physical custody, which is often given to the mother, designates the child’s place of residence. Legal custody refers to the authority to decide on matters of importance, like the child’s religion, school, and medical care. The protection of our customers’ children’s rights and best interests is our firm’s main priority.

Our lawyers are adept in handling child custody issues in trial and appeals, even though we always advise the parties to resolve their disagreements and avoid litigation. To find out more about your legal options, get in touch with a Pensacola child custody lawyer at our firm right now.

The Benefits of Hiring a Child Custody Attorney

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