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What Should You Look for in an Estate Planning Attorney?

It is essential to work with a competent estate planning attorney in Chicago, IL to make sure your family’s assets are safeguarded upon your passing. You need to get a lawyer who can guide you through the process and who is aware of the complexities of your case in this busy city full of tall buildings and famous sites. Take into account a few things to assist you choose the ideal legal expert for your needs in order to streamline your search.

You can include your wishes for your future and the future of your family in an efficient estate plan that is drafted with the help of a family lawyer. This includes additional estate planning tools to avoid the need for probate after your death, such as trusts, power of attorneys for property and healthcare, and wills. You can also get assistance from an expert lawyer when it comes to transferring ownership of your company or assets to your heirs.

By lowering the amount of inheritance tax owed upon your death, an estate planning lawyer can also assist you in avoiding expensive tax ramifications. They can create a trust to hold your belongings and shield them from creditors, legal action, and other problems. They can also help you create a business succession plan that outlines the transfer of ownership of your firm in the event of retirement, disability, or death.

Heeg Law Offices is an expert in assisting single people and married couples in creating sufficient estate plans to safeguard their heirs and close ones after they pass away. In addition, they can help you with immigration hearings, divorces, and personal injury claims. They have been in operation for more than 40 years and have a vast list of happy customers.

Garofalo Law Group, based in Chicago, offers estate planning and probate assistance to individuals and families. They provide individualized attention, meticulous case preparation, creative problem-solving and thinking, and a client-centered approach to legal difficulties. They belong to Advisors Forum, Wealth Counsel, ElderCounsel, and SuperLawyers.

Theodore “Ted” London is a Chicago estate planning lawyer who assists individuals, corporations, and nonprofit organizations with estate planning. In addition to being a radio host and frequent lecturer on estate planning matters, he is a vibrant part of the community. He has used appropriate estate planning documents to help numerous people avoid probate.

One of the first things a local estate planning lawyer will do when you contact them is set up a consultation. They will look over your assets, talk about your family dynamics, and investigate your requirements and wants during this meeting. Based on your unique situation, they might suggest any number of estate planning instruments.

It’s critical to update your estate planning documents whenever your circumstances change after you’ve retained an estate planning lawyer. Any time a significant event occurs, such a marriage or the birth of a child, you should review your estate plan and make any required adjustments. A yearly review of your plan is also a good idea to make sure it still applies to your family’s current circumstances and is up to date.

What Should You Look for in an Estate Planning Attorney?

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